About Annadele Alpacas Farm & Products


ANNADELE ALPACAS was founded by Deb King and Sharon Heiser almost two decades ago.  They were on vacation in rural Northwestern Pennsylvania,  when they discovered a deep connection to the quiet, rolling land and Alpacas. Deb and Sharon found themselves changing lanes to lead new and dramatically different lives as Alpaca farmers.  

They learned how to breed, birth and improve genetics for better fiber, and they competed in livestock competitions winning numerous awards. As their herd grew, Deb and Sharon's respect for the fascinatingly curious and intelligent Alpacas turned into a deep love of the luxurious fiber they produce. They took up the heritage craft of spinning, and started producing gorgeous natural colored and dyed yarns. Their spinning and dyeing gave way to weaving, knitting and felting... and a traditional handcrafts business was born!

Deb and Sharon have never looked back and today, with their Ohio based partners Karen Beckwith and Juliann Fausel, they are proud to offer a wide range of products. Including  GLOVES, HATS, SCARVES, SHAWLS, SWEATERS and JACKETS. ANNADALE ALPACAS is well known for SOCKS that are unbeatable in their warmth. Many of their items are one of a kind works of art. All of their products are imbued with the beauty and richness of nature, in a direct reflection of the land they come from and are inspired by. 


Fiber guilds and groups can tour the ANNADELE ALPACAS FARM. With a reservation, they can learn about and meet the Alpacas, have lunch, and visit the FARM STORE where a full range of our products are available for purchase. CONTACT US to arrange a tour!

You can also join us for our highly anticipated annual OPEN FARM held in late fall.