Annadele Alpacas Yarns, Socks, Hats & Gloves, Scarves, Shawls & Sweaters


ANNADELE ALPACAS is a 50 acre Alpaca farm nestled in the picturesque hills of Northwestern Pennsylvania. Every spring the farms Alpacas are sheered, producing a harvest of incredibly luxurious fleece. These fibers are superior in beauty, softness, warmth and durability when compared to all other fibers. 


  • Alpaca is as soft as cashmere because of its long, silky fibers.

  • Alpaca is about 5 times warmer than sheeps wool due to fibers that have a semi hollow core and dense crimpy fibers with an abundance of insulating properties.

  • Alpaca has fewer natural oils that must be removed chemically. That makes it less itchy, and more likely to be hypoallergenic.

  • Alpaca fiber is strong and products made from it are very durable.

  • Alpaca yarn resists soiling, staining and pilling.

  • Alpacas produce fleece in an amazing 22 natural colors!

After the Alpaca fleece is sheered, ANNADELE ALPACAS best fleeces are hand spun or machine spun into yarns and blends of various weights. Some of the fleece is sent to a New England co-op where the farms socks and gloves are made. These items and many of the yarns are hand dyed by the partners. The natural colored and dyed yarns are then hand woven, knitted, crocheted and felted into richly colored garments and accessories.

Many of ANNADELE ALPACAS products are one of a kind items. This is the result of traditional creative processes that rely upon hand crafting skills, and time intensive attention to detail. Yarns are dyed in small batches. Looms are warped for limited series of scarves and shawls. Hats are knitted while sitting in a chair after a long days work on the farm. All ANNADELE ALPACA products have been through the hands of the creative owners.



NEW FOR 2019!


At the start of every year, the partners nurture ANNADELE ALPACAS by engaging in a time period of creative research and development. This leads to new designs and products, which appear online and at shows, throughout the year. For 2019 we are hard at work on hand felted  JACKETS and SHOULDER BAGS  - we think you are going to love these versatile new items! Visit us at a show to try on one of our new JACKETS.




ANNADELE ALPACAS has a FARM STORE. You can purchase  hand knit SWEATERS and HATS,  hand woven SCARVES, SHAWLS and WRAPS, and our new popular BIRD BALLS . Please CONTACT us to schedule a FARM STORE appointment.