felted alpaca insert



Our 3/8" thick FELTED ALPACA INSERTS maximize the warmth and comfort of your favorite boot or shoe. Typically shoes/boots are not insulated in this area, yet this is where your feet make contact with cold surfaces. By adding substantial alpaca insulation to the bottom of your shoe/boot, you prevent cold from coming through the bottom of your footwear and radiating upward. You can custom fit our inserts by removing your shoe’s old footbed. Using the old footbed as a template cut the new insert. Inserts are the natural brown of alpaca fleece, hypo-allergenic, naturally wicking and odor resistant. Order a pair for all of your cold weather footwear!

AVAILABLE IN 1 SIZE: Just trim to fit

  • X-LARGE - Fits Women's shoe sizes 11+, Fits Men's shoe sizes 10+

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felted alpaca insert
felted alpaca boot insert
felted alpaca